Найдите английские словосочетания в тексте.

1. основываются на положениях Корана

2. правовые системы Индии и Пакистана

3. закон не может существовать вне религии

4. по образцу общего права

5. не имеет государственной власти

6. религия ислама затрагивает все стороны жизни

7. в своем самом строгом толковании

8. которых обучал сам Создатель

9. непревзойденные в веках

10. создавались мудрецами

4. Выразите согласие/несогласие со следующими утверждениями, используя ту или иную речевую модель.

Model: a) I fully agree with the statement.

b) I am afraid, I can’t agree with it.

1. Muslim law is based on the Koran.

2. The number of Muslim countries is decreasing.

3. Islamic religion touches upon all spheres of life.

4. In its strongest formulations some Islamic scholars think that state has no power to Найдите английские словосочетания в тексте. legislate.

5. Some Muslim countries are influenced by civil law, others - by common law.

6. It is easy to find roots of Hindu law.

7. It is not difficult to unify its postulates.

8. Its precepts cover as many sides of life as secular systems do.

Переведите Текст 4 письменно.


Прочитайте текст и ответьте на вопросы.

1. When was customary law spread mostly?

2. Where is customary law used?


Customary Lawis a type of legal system that (1) serves as the basis of, or has influenced, present-day laws in approximately 40 countries - mostly in Africa, but some in the Pacific islands, Europe, and the Middle Найдите английские словосочетания в тексте. East. Customary law is (2) also referred to as "primitive law," "unwritten law," "indigenous law," and "folk law." There is no single history of customary law such (3) as that found in Roman civil law, English common law, Islamic law, or the Napoleonic Civil Code. The earliest systems of law in human society were customary, and usually developed in small agrarian and hunter-gatherer communities.

(4) As the term implies, customary law is based upon the customs of a community. Common attributes of customary legal systems are that they are seldom written down, they embody an organized set of (5) rules regulating social relations, and they Найдите английские словосочетания в тексте. are agreed upon by members of the community. (6) Although such law systems include sanctions for law infractions, resolution (7) tends to be reconciliatory rather than punitive. A number of African states practiced customary law many centuries prior to colonial influences. Following colonization, such laws were written down and (8) incorporated to varying extents into the legal systems imposed by their colonial powers.

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